Lymo - The Ride-Hailing Marketplace


Car ride hailing market is a highly competitive space. Launching an app to compete with the Uber’s and Lyft’s of the world isn’t a task for the faint hearted especially when the Governments and Taxi Unions are against car ride hailing business models and none of them have ever made profits.


We created the “Car ride hailing marketplace” patent-pending. We created 10 different market rates and depending on the official prevailing marketplace rate, allowed drivers to set their own market rates. We allowed users to choose the exact car and driver that they would like to ride with. We didn’t take any commissions from drivers per ride but rather created a subscription based model that allowed drivers the peace of mind at significantly cheaper costs (upto 10x cheaper). We integrated with Credit Suisse and automated driver payouts, also integrated with a dozen other technologies to allow Lymo to scale to multiple cities and regions with no downtime.

Lymo is a start-up that is all set to be the next big unicorn in Europe and we’re thrilled to be part of it.