Al Ghurair Properties



Al Ghurair Properties, a prominent and long-established company in Dubai, sought to revamp their website's UI/UX to appeal to a broader clientele. Historically, their website catered to a price-sensitive audience primarily in the Deira area of Dubai. The goal was to expand their reach to attract customers who prioritize amenities and property quality over price, necessitating a website that reflects this newstrategic direction.



Mobiiworld crafted anew digital strategy for Al Ghurair Properties based on extensive research and client data. We began by analyzing existing property websites to identify essential features and then drew inspiration from high-end fashion brand websites to effectively communicate the quality and amenities of the properties. This approach allowed us to design a sophisticated and intuitive UI/UX that would appeal to the targeted clientele. The new website features smooth user journeys, high-end visual elements, and detailed property information designed to attract and engage a more discerning audience.



The transformation of Al Ghurair Properties' website successfully reflected their new strategic focus on quality and amenities, attracting a less price-sensitive clientele. There designed UI/UX provided a seamless and engaging user experience, showcasing properties in a manner that resonated with the new target audience. This digital overhaul enhanced Al Ghurair Properties' market reach, improved user engagement, and positioned the company as a premium choice in the Dubai real estate market.