moses stories mobile app


At mobiiworld, we strive to make difference in the world around us. With our in-house capabilities and expertise in mobile spectrum, we came up with the idea of developing an Islamic stories app for kids. Kids in this day and age are getting closer to technology by the day yet losing touch with culture and religion which is integral part of the Middle East. We wanted the app to be interactive enough to engage kids and instil moral and religious values.


Moses Stories brings to life the stories of Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) with brilliant illustrations, read along text and voice narration in English and Arabic that is perfect for kids of all ages. Moses Stories has classic stories of Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) with deep moral values to be talked upon in a fun and interactive way! Special attention was paid to the graphics and animation since that’s what would keep the kids glued.


  • Best collection of stores of Prophet Musa (Peace of upon him).
  • Seamless page-flipping animation synced with enthusiastic voice narration makes for a wonderful storytelling experience.


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