Petit Bateau

Petit bateau


Petit Bateau, a renowned clothing retailer, lacked an e-commerce presence in the UAE and needed guidance to enter the digital marketplace. Without an online shop, they were unable to tap into new markets or provide a modern shopping experience for their customers.



To bring Petit Bateau into the digital realm, Mobiiworld implemented Magento, a leading e-commerce platform for their website. This solution provided multi-language support, allowing Petit Bateau to reach untapped markets. We integrated their existing order management and delivery management systems with the new e-commerce platform, creating an omnichannel experience. The redesigned website featured advanced search and filter options, an order tracking system, order history access, and customised promotions, all available in both English and Arabic.



Mobiiworld transformedPetit Bateau's digital presence by building a comprehensive e-commerce platformthat facilitated a seamless shopping experience both online and in physicalstores. The integration of the order management and payment gateway systemsensured smooth operations, while the multilingual support expanded their reach.As a result, Petit Bateau successfully entered the digital marketplace,offering customers a modern and efficient shopping experience.