Udrive is the first car–sharing provider in the Middle East that provides car rental by the minute. Users can operate the vehicle security/access by the Udrive iOS and Android Mobile Apps.

Udrive was expanding their fleet to include different sets of car control hardware. This caused the existing Apps to become very slow and unresponsive, the UI and UX also needed an uplift.


  • Mobiiworld developed a new and improved UX.
  • Improvements to the server architecture, made it scalable.
  • A middleware solution was developed where different hardware technologies would still connect to the same platform or system seamlessly, with no interruption to the user experience.
  • iOS, Android app with improved CMS dashboard highlighting their KPIs.
  • Stress testing on the solution and APIs
  • Integration with Payment Gateway, Car Unlocking systems, Google Maps, Twilio Push Notifications, Chat & Firebase Analytics.


  • 1.5 Million Trips
  • 50 times to the moon and back
  • 4 Cities
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