Hayati - Bespoke Solutions for accessing Autistic children right from Mobile Device.


Hayati in literal terms means “My life” in Arabic. Hayati approached Mobiiworld with a goal to build a bespoke smartphone driven platform that would appease the needs of both parents and healthcare professionals. There was a gap in the market as It was impossible for parents of autistic children to track the progress of their child in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. On the other hand, there was not a smartphone driven platform either on iOS or Android that allowed healthcare professionals to carry out assessments.

So, parents needed a complete view of the overall development of their child and healthcare professionals needed a bespoke solution that could be engineered solely to their needs.


Hayati, and Mobiiworld - a Dubai based award-winning mobile apps development company, created a patent-pending iOS and Android driven platform for parents and healthcare professionals.

The application had a detailed scoring system that accurately measures a child's development with ABA-based assessment program which was exclusively designed and developed for Hayati health care centre.

With the help of native iOS and android apps and a web platform,

Assessing a child and tracking his progress become extremely easy and efficient.

Our award-winning UI/UX designers and developers worked together to develop a system that gives instant feedback on the behaviours that affect a child's ability to learn. This data helps therapists to establish personalized goal priorities and monitor a child’s progress towards achieving these objectives on an ongoing basis.

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