nicotinell mobile app


The Nicotinell® product range includes TTS Patch, Medicated Chewing Gum and Lozenge that contains nicotine to aid cigarette smoking. Nicotinell was running activation with the core message of smoking being injurious to health and how it impacts the smokers’ lung capacity. They wanted to convey this message in a subtle yet interactive manner.


We developed an application installed in known pharmacies across UAE. The app prompted the user to blow into the phone to fill as many balloons as possible with air, within a given time frame.

Taking this number into account, as well as some info about the user taken via an in-app survey, they were each given a ranking. Those with poor rankings were encouraged to stop smoking and how Nicotinell products could help them cutback on their smoking.

  • Interactive inflation of the balloon by blowing into the microphone
  • The balloon inflation depends on the strength of your blowing.
  • See a pipe filling up air in the balloon as user blows.
  • Animated background for scores.
  • Estimate the lung strength and condition based on users’ score.