Dove - Smile Alarm Clock



Dove wanted to promote their hair therapy product line on mobile, in line with their digital campaign #goodhairdays. Dove further wanted consumers to associate the brand with their hair care product range, since they are perceived to be more inclined to skin care.


Dove sees real beauty as a source of confidence. To showcase the power of self-esteem, we created a unique alarm clock app for women - that works with a smile. Since bad hair means a bad day for women, we wanted to change this mind-set and associate smiles with happier days ahead.

So we came up with the idea for the Dove Smile Alarm Clock, which uses smiles to stop an alarm. This app also had hair care tips customized to current weather condition and enabled users to send queries to Dove Hair Experts, while at the same time promote latest Dove products to help manage their mane.

The app was a shortlist at Dubai Lynx 2015


  • Two alarm modes
  • Smile at your phone or draw a smile to stop/snooze alarm
  • Push notifications of hair care tips every morning customised to the day’s weather conditions
  • Consult experts and send queries to Dove Hair Experts via app
  • Information about Dove Hair Therapy and the product ranges