Top Adobe XD Plugins

July 5, 2024

Top Adobe XD Plugins

I know the struggle of being a UI,  UX designer, it’s OK we are here for you. Do you know what is not OK?  being a UI, UX Designer and you don’t know about Adobe XD. Adobe XD has amazing Plug-ins. Compared to “Sketch and Figma” in particular Adobe XD gives a better user experience in design software and allows one to be able to play better with a Vector design. With a simple click, it can create an advanced wireframe and show interactive prototypes with an animation. Sometime ago Adobe changed their beloved XD with a dramatic update, everyone’s favorite feature was the animated prototype but you got to love the feature Plug-ins they take the trophy. Adobe has opened the door to plug-ins by creating a massive wave of extremely helpful features that will make our life easier and our designs better for UI/UX designers through the Plugins.

Top Adobe XD Plug-ins:

1- Change Case: maybe you think it’s a silly plug-in, but you have no idea how much this plug-in changed my life. When you have a perfectionist art director who always wants the copy to be
perfect, and follows a protocol for upper and lower case, this tiny plug-in will get your back and help you change the case from lower case to upper case or even title or sentence case within a blink of an eye. Before I was copying the text to In Design or Illustrator to change the case but not anymore after this plug-in.

2- Photo Splash: it’s easy to drag and drop photos to Adobe XD but who will say no to a lovely built-in plug-in like Photo Splash with the massive cool collection of “” royalty-free photos under your disposal (which will surpass the quality of some premium stock image services sometimes)? Photo Splash will help your mockup look classy, neat and more realistic.

3- UI Faces: you know that moment when you need a few unique user profile photos (for your next multi-billion-dollar social media app prototype) and you are suffering to find the perfect match for your majestic design? Well, UI Faces will get you right there quickly. With the resources from this plug-in, worry no more about the profile photos that you need (I actually sometimes make some random profile photos with this plug-in just for fun)

4- Mimic: I lost count of how many times the client asks us to take the colors from a specific website or to upgrade his old design based on the colors and elements from his current website
and then you start gathering resources from this website starting with the colors, fonts, and elements. etc. Well, my fellow brothers and sisters, Mimic is here for you. Just copy the link,
paste it in Mimic and this little guy will import the colors, fonts and even the logos and photos from the targeted website while you are enjoying a sip of tea or whatever you drink (drinks are
not mandatory) I know! What sorcery is this? (Disclaimer – Mimic works about 80% of the time. Manual work is sometimes inevitable)

5-Share Dribble Shot: if you are a player, this plug-in will just give you a new and fancy way to share your masterpiece on the Mecca of creatives inspiration website. So, don’t be greedy,
share this awesome shot of yours, and if you are not a player, there is no better time than now to start Dribbling. So finally, after this long and boring presentation of cool plugins, I’m done with my first list and I hope to add more cool plugins to this list soon. What about you? What are your favorite plugins for Adobe XD? Thank you for your reading and I would really like to read your feedback and see your favorite plug-in list.

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