iOS 13 Public Beta – Wifi/network issues

July 5, 2024

iOS 13 public beta is out and within a few hours of it coming out, with very little effort, I got it installed on my phone. My excitement of seeing the dark mode on my iPhone was short-lived as I discovered my phone’s internet just stopped working( even though the LTE icon was shown). I tried connecting to several WIFI networks, a VPN icon would appear momentarily and then disappear. Finally, after spending 30 minutes troubleshooting, I discovered the issue was with VPN auto-connect. I had a few VPN profiles saved that weren’t used for over a year but with this upgrade, the VPN decided to turn itself on and failed every time it tried to connect(As VPN is not officially permitted in UAE). I Deleted all VPN profiles and all seems to work well now.

Just as is the case with any BETA software, always expect things not to be perfect, I can already see fee apps breaking but all should be fine with time.

About the Author

This blog post is Written by Dhaval Desai who is the founder Director of MobiiWorld, which has been featured as custom software development companies and Top Outsourcing Development Companies on designrush.