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Unlike websites and web applications, native mobile apps don’t run in the browser. You need to download them from platform-specific app stores such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Native app development requires different skills and technologies than mobile website development. You don’t have to worry about browser behavior and compatibility. You can use the native features of mobile OSs to deliver the user experience and implement the functionalities of your app.

This particular development approach is the traditional way of creating applications for each mobile operating system, using different languages, and considering each platform’s peculiarities.

Native mobile development uses tools and programming languages that are original for the device and the operating system. Apple, Google, Microsoft and other providers design specific tools, SDK and interface elements for their platforms.

Five Benefits of Native Mobile App Development:

Native apps offer a range of significant benefits that can be decisive for choosing a type of mobile solution.

  • Seamless Performance
    Native apps are highly responsive and fast because their target devices download and store all visual and content elements, contributing to the loading speed.
  • Advanced Customization
    Native development implies access to all tools and features available in the operating system and devices. For customers, this means flexibility and the ability to create unique solutions according to their needs and desires.
  • Ultimate User Experience
    Each mobile platform has unique UI/UX standards. Native app developers stick to these standards, making applications look and feel like an integral part of the operating system. Such intuitive and interactive solutions enhance the user experience.
  • Security
    Data protection comes first nowadays. In this regard, native apps provide better security than cross-platform apps. Hybrid solutions inherit security vulnerabilities from the platforms and browsers they work on. In addition, universal languages used in these apps may also add risks.
  • Instant Updating
    When Android and iOS release updates, native app developers can immediately implement new features. Immediate access to the most recent features makes the native development approach look more beneficial to customers and end-users.

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