Cannes award winner - Traffic Gaaye



One of the main reasons of traffic congestion in India is because of our ‘holy cow’. When they move traffic moves and when they stop things come to a standstill. The answer we arrived at was as unique as the idea itself; turn the reason behind traffic congestion, into the solution.


We converted one of the main sources of traffic jams into the best way to avoid it. How? By attaching special collars with old smartphones around the necks of the cows, you can track their whereabouts. With ‘The Traffic Gaaye’ app you can track exactly where the cows are. The app sends out automated tweets with traffic updates, shows you unique routes as used by the cows and allows you to see where other cows with our collars are. By doing that you can plot and plan your journey and take an alternate route to avoid traffic congestion caused by Gaayes(Cows). Each cow acts as a beacon guiding you through traffic and letting you know where to expect congestion. Try it out and get on the moove.