Traditional Majlis has always been a national cornerstone where people gathered to share ideas and create solutions. The challenge was to leverage technology and social media trends to extend the Majlis concept on mobile.


We developed the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Majlis app that opens its doors to everyone to strengthen the position of Dubai in various fields and sectors. MBR Smart Majlis is a platform to receive ideas & comments, conduct smart brainstorming sessions under direct supervision of 30 government agencies, making it the largest integrated intelligent platform in Dubai. The app consists of three sections,

First of which allows Dubai’s residents and visitors and fans of the city to contribute to the development of Dubai and further its attractions through their innovative ideas.

Second section provides the public with the opportunity to give feedback on whether there are any defects or faults in various facilities such as parks, beaches and roads by photographing such defects and specifying their geographical locations, thus enabling competent authorities to identify them and adopt all measures necessary to help maintain the good image of the city and its public facilities.

Third section is concerned with brainstorming exercises regarding various issues raised by HH Sheikh Mohammad from time to time in the Smart Majlis. This section also enables the public to submit their views and interact.


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