Mom Store

Mom Store


Mom Store, part of Lals Group is a newly launched brand to the UAE, making it their mission to be all about Mom. The objective was to offer Moms an extensive range of products that they can trust, as well as an omni-channel shopping experience and professional expertise. They also wanted the platform to serve as inspiration through a connection to a community of like-minded moms who can bond over their victories & challenges. With 2 physical stores in Dubai and an e-commerce websites, Mom Store wanted to offer a richer and improved experience through the launch of their Android and iOS Apps.


The Mom Store Native Apps are connected to the Magento Backend system for ecommerce and user retention purposes. The high-level requirements for the user apps are defined as:

  • An m commerce app to augment the website and help with the selling of products.
  • A unified/ synchronised omnichannel system between app and website that requires one CMS/Backend system to update both places.
  • A system that enables the business to communicate offers, products, general information with the consumers through push notifications or in app notifications.
  • A data collection platform that enables Mom Store to optimise their offering/app to improve on sales.
  • A platform that enables parents to shop, create lists, read about their parenthood journey.
  • A platform that empowers the users / consumers to quickly get information/updates about their experience with Momstore.
  • Mom Talk become a space for inspiring stories, helpful advice and will ultimately become a social networking platform.


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