UAE Award


The region’s largest and first-ever multi-cultural festival park, Global Village is a sprawling 1.6 million square meter destination for the whole family. Situated in the heart of Dubai, it is a one-stop shop for entertainment, shopping, dining and rides, taking you on a journey across the world, uniting cultures and creating wonder. Global Village welcomes around 7 million guests every season, making it the park with the 4th largest daily footfall in the world. As Global Village was set to reopen for their 25th season, its management had put in place stringent safety measures to keep visitors safe from Covid-19 including contactless payments.

This triggered the need for a complete uphaul of the existing digital platforms since the previous website was a simple Wordpress site that had a very brochureware feel; The choice of technology for the existing mobile apps was not suitable and the stores had very poor reviews.


With the world going digital, Global Village decided to embrace the movement and wanted to offer visitors a whole new digital experience. Mobiiworld created an extremely sophisticated and robust website, iOS and Android apps with Drupal and Native mobile app technologies in English and Arabic languages.

The apps were fully integrated with the existing ticketing system and provided e-commerce and m-commerce functionalities to users, which resulted in Global Village selling nearly 100,000 tickets through the website and apps within two weeks of the season launch.

In order to enable users to navigate and plan visits, Mobiiworld created the world's first indoor custom turn by turn navigation using GPS and custom SDKs. Visitors who purchase VIP packages can access special parking zones through the smart parking gates with online car plate registration. The apps were also integrated with an array of systems including automated parking entry, scheduling system, oracle Eloqua, Salesforce and Kochava analytics/attribution platform.


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