The CSR UAE is the official UAE federal recognition for business entities' practices towards building a more sustainable future. It is developed to assess business entities based on their contribution to environmental, social, and economic factors and aims to promote a unified standard across the country by encouraging organisations to authenticate and verify their methods of conducting CSR practices.


The CSR UAE label application system is the first of its kind in the UAE, creating an experience for organizations that would empower them to maintain a sustainable environment. A UX design with a data tracking system for the submissions received was essential for the development of the website.


  • We introduced an anonymous application system where the form submitted saves directly into the backend without user registration.
  • Data submitted by companies can be exported to different systems for validation and grading.
  • Analytics for users visiting the site along with attribution on where they are coming from.
  • A responsive website with optimization for mobile devices, UX, and CX.
  • Data analytics dashboards were set up for tracking.