Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

July 5, 2024
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The digitization wave has got us all hooked on our cell phones that come decorated with stellar mobile apps. The ever-evolving app development space has something better to offer to users at every step, all the time. Spoilt by the over-powering usage experiences that these apps provide; mobile phone users have their hopes high for what’s next. They seek hyper-personalized apps with real-time updation.

Companies can enhance awareness about their brands, catering to clients in personalized ways and hike their engagement rates at slashed costs through thoughtfully built mobile apps. Most businesses are struggling to configure the right mobile app development strategies to garner better returns. However, just implementing a suitable app development strategy barely cuts in times of fierce competition like these. It is essential to integrate the latest mobile app trends into a mobile app development strategy for businesses to stay ahead in the game.

We at Mobiiworld have an experienced team of app developers who use an amalgam of business acumen paired with knowledge of the latest app development trends to create apps that stand out amidst the competition. We believe some trends are set to take the app world by storm in the year 2020. Let’s peek at what is in store ahead:

1. Blockchain Tech

To look at Blockchain tech and assume that it is just about cryptocurrency technology would be like reading half the gospel of truth. It is an unalterable ledger for recording information in the form of blocks that are time-stamped, and it is shared widely. This amazing technology can revamp the way we function in the business arena and personal lives, as it makes data tampering impossible in mobile apps. It finds vivid applications in implementing item tracking enhancements, quality controls, and security levels in mobile apps. This is an era of onset of end-to-end blockchain-powered services. Starting in 2020, more developers will try to develop decentralized apps with the help of blockchain technology.

2. Instant Apps

Most users have a specific limit to the amount of memory they can spare to app downloads on their cell phones. This makes them super-choosy when it comes to picking out apps to download. Users are especially reluctant to download an application for one-time usage. Since instant apps omit out the downloading vows that users face, a business can benefit significantly from developing one. Instant apps do not use device memory and thus can quickly expand the user base of a business app. Another benefit that instant apps offer is application demos. Demos can be a convincing tool for businesses that seek to expand their customer base. In 2020, new businesses would try to boost their conversion rates by opting to develop instant apps.

3. Cloud Storage

The year 2020 can bring active adoption of cloud storage technologies to mitigate storage vows of the users. Apps integrated with cloud services are more adept at accumulating data for a business, thanks to ample storage they feature. Mobile apps developed with cloud integration function seamlessly across multiple platforms and allow streamlined operations.

Solutions to App Security Concerns

All right-minded businesses intend to secure their user data to exclude user mistrust and break their reputation among the masses. Cybersecurity is set to remain an essential concern for app developers in 2020. Apple’s plunge to coding language Swift from Objective-C has further fuelled the trend towards integrating security measures into the app design from the very start. Seamless integration of data over IoT and cloud interface calls for robust data security solutions to protect user’s precious data.

5. Application Performance Management

With Application Performance, Management developers can create big websites and web pages with a fast loading speed, lower bounce rates, and high performance across all kinds of mobile devices. While it is difficult to measure mobile apps against any set fixed criteria of assessment, search engines often rate them in terms of metrics like Application Performance Management (APM). These ratings help users avail themselves of the best of app services available in the market. APM boosts the overall performance of an app by excluding snags that budge down the app performance.

In 2020, Application Process Management is likely to be the preferred quality assurance tool for developers. It not only enhances app security but also managed finances. With APM, developers get insights into app behavior, statistics about which OSs and devices.

6. 5G Wireless Services

Touted to be 100 times faster than 4G, 5G network also serves additional functionalities like data security, 3D gaming and augmented reality.

App developers need to optimize network energy consumption with more efficient processing in mobile apps. They are required to integrate the apps so that the end-user can enjoy better and faster top-end speed along with enhanced overall performance. 2020 will see an increased focus on boosting app performance through lower latency, higher bandwidth, more rapid data sharing, core process automation and speed of 5G.

These capture precisely the essence of what the future of mobile technology holds for us. The aim remains to create engaging, yet simple mobile app experiences for users.