Should your business be GDPR compliant in the UAE

July 5, 2024
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The UAE is known for being a trendsetter in tech, innovation, business, and architecture. Having a business in the UAE means you are always at the cutting edge, evolving your business to stay ahead of the curve. However, with the introduction of the GDPR regulations in May 2018, most business owners have been left in limbo, not knowing whether to go full GDPR (this regulation affects the EU) or to wait until a similar provision has been made for the UAE.

What is GDPR?

These iconic four letters stand for “General Data Protection Regulation” more specifically the 2016 regulation. This is an EU law passed in 2018 aimed at giving users greater control over which of their data was shared online. At the most basic, think of the internet as a blackboard, your data being your name written on that board. GDPR gives you as a user, the ability to go erase yourself at any given time with no hurdles.

Where does this law apply?

This law is an EU law and all organizations that store or deal with user data of European Union citizens are required to observe the law. So if your company does business with any European Union companies, your company may be required to provide proof of adherence to the law.

What if my company is sorely based in the UAE?

By UAE law, the cybercrime law protects the right to privacy of individuals online. GDPR, however, goes in-depth to define disaster mitigation and disaster recovery measures at the organizational level. So by law in the UAE, you are required to have some form of user data control.

How do I become GDPR compliant in the UAE?

Being GDPR compliant is an ongoing exercise, you constantly need to tweak and organize your organization structure to remain compliant. Mobiiworld has a ready checklist template and industry professionals that can assist your organization gain and maintain GDPR compliance.

With the world becoming more and more connected, it only follows that you will do business with people from different parts of the world who have different online laws. Mobiiworld will guide you and guard you as you navigate these foreign online waters.