All about Drones and what to buy?

July 5, 2024
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On a recent trip to Vietnam with close friends, I was introduced to Drones, as a friend purchased a drone from the airport to record cinematic video footage of beautiful Vietnam. Little did I know, that flying a drone would get me so glued to it that it would evolve into my favorite hobby to date. Upon return to Dubai, I spent countless hours over the weekends and nights, researching all about Drones. Below are a few learnings that I would like to share with all of you to help you choose the right Drone if you ever decide to buy one:

  1. Start off with a basic toy drone so that you get a good chance to practice and master your skills before you actually fly your main drone. A good drone to start with is DJI Tello. Tello is a great indoor Drone with a decent 720p camera. When you get this drone, make sure you get the Fly More combo as it comes with 3 batteries and also gets yourself a Bluetooth remote as it gives you better control of the Drone.
  2. Once you’ve mastered your skills of Flying, you’d be very tempted to get all of those Amazing DJI Drones, but before you decide to spend your hard-earned money on the biggest and the best drones, you need to carefully consider your purpose of buying the drone. If you’re planning to get the Drone to travel, one of the most important aspects to consider is the weight of the Drone. Anything above 250g will not be easy to fly across Europe as per the new rules and regulations. Also handy is this website which has an updated map of the World with what kind of Drones are allowed in what countries. The rule of thumb is anything under 500g should work in many countries across Europe and Asia currently.
  3. Another important factor to consider while making a decision to buy a drone is its Gimbal. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t come with a gimbal. Drones without Gimbal have very shaky footage and wide angel cameras give a fish-eye effect making the video footage look terrible. Using the software, you can still work your way to better footage but a lot of effort with mediocre results is not exactly what anyone with a passion for good video should be after. 2-axis gimbal Drones should be good enough but 3-axis gimbal drones are where the magic happens.
  4. The best Drones under 500g currently are DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Air.
  5. If you’re mainly going to fly your Drone in Dubai or UAE, you could fly a lot of drones even above 500g weight. My recommendation would be the Fimi X8 Se which comes with 3-axis gimbal and 4k video. The video quality compares very well with that of DJI Mavic Pro 2. Another Drone with 4k video and 3-axis gimbal is the Hubsan Zino which sells at a very good price currently and compares a lot with the Fimi X8 Se.
  6. Another important factor to consider whether you’re flying in Dubai or any other country for that matter is to ensure you’re not breaking any laws. Always fly your Drone within the allowed height and distance regulations. Also, look for apps or websites that provide you this information on the go. In Dubai, U.A.E, we’re blessed with amazing technology and we’ve got an app for everything. My Drones Hub is an app that you must install as a Drone enthusiast/Hobbyist as it gives you a clear idea about the rules and regulations, allows you to register your drone with the Government Authorities and also provides you a clear picture of the Fly Zones and No-Fly Zones. One rule of thumb that applies to all countries is to not fly Drones close to airports or Government offices or public places over crowds or over private properties of other people.
  7. And finally, here is a sample video that I’ve shot on my Romania Trip using a DJI Mavic Air. Edited using Premiere Pro CC.

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